Submissions are CLOSED for this contest. Voting is now OPEN until May 12.


When can we start voting on the submissions?

Voting will begin on April 23 at 5:00 pm, after the submission period is closed. Voting is not staggered by location. We will now open up voting for ALL submissions at the same time. A voting overview video has been created to help.

Does the voting determine who will win?

The band will make the final decision on the winners. Since voting is a reflection of the fan’s likes and dislikes, they may decide to take the votes into account, but they will ultimately choose their favorites as the winners.

How often can I vote?

You can vote as often as you like. We have been experiencing technical difficulties with the voting. We are very sorry about this. Some users are not able to vote multiple times. If you have any issues registering, send an email to and we will try to help.

How does voting work?

Voting for this contest will open on April 23 after all submissions are in. Voting will take place on this website on the gallery page. We encourage you to tell all of your friends and family to vote for your submissions.

Voting instructions:

  1. You will need to have an account and be logged in to vote. This is necessary to reduce the amount of fraudulent voting.
  2. From the gallery, you can access all of the submissions. While the search function is disabled at this time, we’ve created a place where you can look up your submission number and page – Gallery Help. When you find your design, if you click on it, you’ll be taken to a unique page where you can vote, and you can share that URL with your friends for your specific submissions.

Please note that some of the submissions may be rotated incorrectly, all of these will be fixed as we do some final reviews.

Winning Submissions

How can I win this contest?

There will be one winner for each of the show cities. There are 32 cities across Mexico, Canada, and United State tour stops for The Bandito Tour and the band will select one winning design from an artist located in the vicinity of each city. One Grand Prize winner will be selected from these 32 winners. An additional 5 winners will be selected for Honorable Mention and those winners are selected from artists not located near any of the North American show sites. Please note the following:

  1. We are hoping that the winner is located around 200 miles from the city of the show. However, we may consider some designs that are a bit outside of that range, but it will be subjective. For example, if you reside 201 miles away from a tour stop and have an amazing design, we DO NOT want to penalize you. Even if you live 230 miles away, we do not want to penalize you if you are within driving distance. However, our goal is to avoid having someone living in Florida win for the Raleigh, NC show just because they are willing to drive, so we’ve set some guidelines for the review team. We will not be answering individual questions about specific distances between your specific location and the show site as we will need to make those decisions as we get closer to selecting the winners.
  2. If you do not reside in North America, live in Puerto Rico or in a city in North America that is not in close proximity to one of the tour’s stops, your submission will be eligible for an honorable mention. There will be five submissions selected as an honorable mention and those fans will win a signed merchandise pack from the band. Honorable mention selections are not eligible for cash prizes, tickets, or the Grand Prize. Honorable mentions were added to ensure everyone has a chance to participate in this contest.
  3. Tickets are provided to the city-specific winners. You DO NOT get to choose where you sit.

Winners will be notified by email a few days prior to the scheduled announcement date. Winners will be announced on social media according to the Schedule and displayed in the Winner’s Gallery.

If I’m selected as a winner, what’s next?

  1. Once you are confirmed as a winner, you will have a direct contact person at Creative Allies to communicate with.
  2. Concert tickets for your identified show can be picked up at Will Call on the night of the show. Will Call, is usually located near the ticket office at the arena but location and hours will vary by the arena, so please check their website for exact details. You will need to provide your photo identification to pick up your tickets. We do not have any information on the type of seats or the location of the tickets for each show. The band’s team is now providing a confirmation number for your tickets. That will be emailed to you directly, about 1 day before the show (this wasn’t available for the Mexico or first Canada shows).
  3. If you are a winner in Mexico, Canada, or the United States, you will also receive $250 for winning. All prizes will be distributed after all winners are announced (in early June). We prefer all payments are made electronically. Our preferred payment method is PayPal but we can also send through other platforms such as CashApp or Venmo. You will be asked to provide your information by email before May 31st. Creative Allies is not responsible for any fees that these platforms may charge you in relation to your account. All payments will be made in US Dollars.
  4. All winners, including Honorable Mentions will receive a signed merch pack from the band. The band’s label will be mailing these out to the address you provided to Creative Allies. These packs should start arriving by the middle of June and will be sent in groups – for example, all Mexico packs will be sent first, and then Canada, etc.
  5. We may also send you a short questionnaire about your experience and inspiration for your artwork. This information will come to you by email.
  6. You will be asked to send your source files. If you produced your work digitally in a program such as PhotoShop, you will be asked for that file. By winning this contest, the band may want to use the artwork for other purposes on their social media profiles or other.

Gallery Info

The gallery is constantly changing, due to our team adjusting submissions. We realize that this is frustrating for users, but there is no other alternative at this time. Keep in mind that we received 2,000 submissions on the last day of the submission period. It was very difficult for the team to catch all of the duplicates and have everything ready by voting time. It was important to keep to the schedule as close as we could, but that meant that many of the duplicates/similar submissions are being identified after the fact. Because we are still making adjustments, the location of your submission is likely to change.

  1. If it appears that you have submitted a duplicate design, all duplicates will be removed so there is only one unique submission in the gallery.
  2. If you submitted multiple designs that are similar, there is a good chance that we will only accept one. Even if your design is added to the gallery, once we identify that it is too similar, some may be removed. We may not be able to contact you in advance of this but will answer your inquiries as we can.
  3. We are still being notified of fraudulent work. This doesn’t always mean that your work doesn’t contain original elements, but you may have used an element from someone else. The biggest culprit is the use of an original creation of @tylerwetta on Twitter. See image here. If your submission includes any element from his work, it must be removed. No tracing of his work will be allowed either. There have been more than 50 instances of this. Remember, that all submissions must be 100% original work.
  4. We’ve created a Gallery Help page to decrease some of the burden of finding your submissions.


Is there an age minimum for this contest?

There are no age restrictions at all! Fans of all ages are welcome to submit art for this contest. If you are selected as a winner of concert tickets, and you are under the age of 18, you will need someone 18 or older to accompany you to the show.

Who is eligible to enter this contest?

Everyone is eligible to enter!  The band has asked us to make sure that all of their fans can participate in this contest. Prizes will vary by location, so please read the Winning Submissions section of this page carefully.



How do I submit a design to this contest?

Submissions are now closed.

When will my design be on the public site?

We are reviewing submissions as fast as we can. The contest ended with over 8,000 submissions and each is being reviewed for approval. We have completed the initial review of all submissions. There are 7,000+ currently available for voting. We are still reviewing and may remove any fraudulent submissions and duplicates.

Please note:

  1. You may be asked by email to make changes to your design to align with the desired branding or sizing of your file. The email will specify the requested revision. We can’t promise how quickly you will receive the email, but you will be notified.
  2. You may be missing the zip/postal code which is required for this contest. You will receive an email to add this information to your file. We can’t promise how quickly you will receive the email, but you will be notified. If we are unable to verify your location, your submission will not be eligible. *Still relevant during the voting period*
  3. Your design may be deemed inappropriate or not suitable for this contest. Examples of this are pictures/images not related to this contest, selfies, text only with no artistic imagery, or submissions of photos/images with no additional artistic value added by the user. Due to the volume of submissions for this contest, you will not be notified if your design falls into this category.

What type of art is allowed for this contest?

Digital art or hand-drawn art is acceptable for this contest. The band is interested in seeing art from all fans worldwide. You may use online software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or other similar tools. If your art is hand-drawn, please make sure your submitted file only includes the artwork and no other background images that distract from the art. You may submit a scanned copy or a photograph of your hand-drawn art. Allowed files are .JPG, .JPEG,  and .PNG. We are interested in artwork that can be used as a poster design inspired by the album and/or tour.

How do I know that my submission was approved?
If your submission is approved, it will be in the gallery. Please see gallery help on how to find your submission.
How do I know that my submission went through successfully?
Once you’ve submitted your design, you will get a screen with a thank you message. This is the only confirmation you will receive that your design has been submitted to the review team. You will not receive any other confirmation.
If you received this message, you do not need to email us to check if your submission was received. Due to the current volume, it’s taking us more time to review all submissions.

What should I pick for my username?

You are welcome to pick whichever username you prefer. However, make sure you remember it. Keep it simple, you can even just use your own name! If you send us an email asking us to check on anything related to your submission and you DO NOT provide us with your user name, please be prepared to wait longer than usual for us to find it. Submissions are in the system by username.

Do we make a poster for a certain city, or just for the tour in general?

The only requirement is for the art to be inspired by the album, TRENCH. You are allowed to add the band’s logos, tour name, and/or tour locations to the poster but it is not required.

Supporting files were provided, do I have to use these in my submission?

No. These supporting files are provided for reference and guidance for logo use and color. It is not required that these images are added to your submission, but if you do, please used the approved logo and colors. You are free to use the images, colors, and materials that best represent the art you want to submit for this contest as long as it is inspired by TRENCH. However, we are looking for original creations. The more stock photos you use the less chance you will have to win. Also, be careful of using any copyrighted work without permission.

How many creations can I submit?

You can submit as many times as you like, as long as each submission is unique and original. Any duplicate submissions will not be published to the public site. If your designs are unique but extremely similar, both may not get published to the live site and we will use our discretion on this. We want the gallery to showcase unique artwork.

The submissions are required to be a minimum of 300 dpi, what if my software doesn’t support that?

The resolution required is so that the artwork can be adjusted to larger sizes. You may submit what you can. However, if the file is not readable, or does not show clearly, it will not be added to the public site.

I am getting an error message when I submit that says “site took too long” or “the application did not respond in time”. What should I do?

The common issue is the file size being too large. We limited the file size to be 20MB. Please use a graphics editor to assess your file size. If your system provides pixels, you should aim to reduce the size to somewhere between 1000 x 1000. Our system is set up to only allow 60 seconds for file uploads, meaning if your image doesn’t upload within 60 seconds you may get this error. If you receive this or a similar error during the submission process, please reduce the size of your file and try again.

Again, please use a graphics editor (Photoshop or similar) to view your file size. Many files you are sending to us by email are actually over 100MB (even though the png/jpg will say less than 20MB).

If you have reduced the file size after you’ve verified it in a graphics editor and still do not get confirmation of submission, you may have to check your internet connection/speed. Again, you are only allowed 60 seconds for your file to upload.

If these fixes do not work for you, please send an email with the subject line of SUBMISSION ERROR and include your file & username to and we will try to help you get the submission is in the system. In 100% of the instances where users have emailed us their file, resizing the file in Photoshop solved the problem. Please allow for at least 48 hours for us to respond back to you.

What file types are allowed?

Allowed files are .JPG, .JPEG,  and .PNG. We are not accepting other file types due to the size and the overall number of submissions we are expecting.

What size should the submission be?

We are looking to create poster art, sized 18×24 inches (45.72×60.96) for digital art. However, if you are submitting hand-drawn art, we will accept the size of the drawing, but may ask for revisions/adjustments should you be selected as a winner. Your submissions can be sent in a vertical or horizontal format.

We also ask that you compress your file to smaller than 20MB. Since there is so much traffic on the site, larger files are taking time to upload and may time out. See above for fixes to a common error message that has been reported.

Are photographs allowed?

Yes. If you’d like to use photos in your work, you can only use official photographs from the band’s Facebook page. We will accept photo edits. However, we will not accept submissions that ONLY include photos with no additional artistic value added from you.

What are you doing about stolen artwork or submissions including copyrighted material?

We are looking for original submissions for this contest. You should not be submitting work using someone else’s creations. Due to the volume of submissions, it will take us time to verify the authenticity for each, which is the reason why submissions are not immediately posted on the public site. If a submission is added to the public site and then reported as stolen or fraudulent work it will be removed from the site.

We need YOUR help to police this. We know you are a part of a tight, loyal community. As you see the public submissions and if you know the work may be fraudulent, please let us know immediately and we will investigate.

Anyone proven to submit artwork that does not belong to them will be DISQUALIFIED from this contest. Please respect the artwork and talent of others. Again, we are looking for original, authentic artwork only.

Can we add our signatures to the artwork?

Yes. If you would like to sign or print your name, please place it at the very bottom right or left of your submission.

Can I share my submission(s) on my social media?

Yes. Feel free to share your submissions with your friends and followers on social and make sure to tag us. However, if you are a private account we will not be able to share your art.

Can I make a change to my submission?

Once you’ve submitted your art, you will not be able to modify it. If you want to resubmit a new version, please notify us first with the ID number of your existing submission so that it can be removed from the site and the correct one is published. We encourage you to wait until you are 100% satisfied with your design before you submit. Tracking down old versions takes the team away from reviewing the new submissions.

What if my submission is cropped or rotated in the gallery?

We will fix all submissions to be rotated properly before voting starts, but we may have missed a few right now. We’ll verify this before April 22. As far as some submissions being cropped, this is not something we can fix. Due to the different sizes that users are submitting their work, some are not fitting in the space allowed for the gallery, however, if you click on the design, you should see the full size and it should not be cropped.

General Questions

Is the Boston Calling show on May 24 part of this contest?

No. Since this is a music festival, it’s not a part of this contest.

Where do I go to get my questions answered?

You should start here, on this FAQ list. This list will be updated frequently throughout the contest. Many of you are sending in similar questions so it’s best to post the answers here. Also, if you follow @creativeallies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we will post updates on social media if we make any changes to the site or to the contest rules.

If you do not get an answer to your question within 48 hours, please check back here. If we receive a similar question multiple times, we will just add the answer to this page.

Due to the volume of questions we are receiving, if that answer is already in the FAQs, you will not receive an individual response back. Please share this page with everyone you know that is participating and encourage them to check here often. We appreciate your help in getting the word out.

If you’ve read the FAQs, looked through the website, and reviewed our social posts and still don’t see your answer, you can email us at It may take up to 48 hours to respond.

Will there be a meet & greet in my city?

Creative Allies doesn’t have information on the specific pre-show or post-show activities for the band. We recommend that you follow the band on their social to stay updated if those announcements are made.

Can I work on an art piece with a friend or a family member?

This is totally up to you, however, only one user name can be provided for the submission and only one person’s name will be identified if chosen as a winner. However, if you win tickets, the hope is that you will invite the person that helped with the design! Creative Allies is not responsible for ensuring that all parties get credit, or get shared money, etc.