Gallery Help

The link below shows which page each approved submission is displayed in the gallery. The team decided against adding the username to this list because so many usernames contained actual names or email address. To protect your privacy we are only including the submission ID # and submission title on this public site. List updated May 20, 2019.

Twenty Øne Piløts Contest Gallery List

If you don’t know or remember your ID number(s) please send an email to with the subject FIND MY ID and include your user name and Design Title in the message. We have one team member assigned who will respond within 48 hours to each request. Please do not send this on social media or to any other email address.

*If you know your ID number, you can do a search for it in the doc either CTRL+F or command+F on your computer*

If your submission isn’t on the page listed, look on the pages before and after – if it shifted, it didn’t go too far!

If your ID # changes for any reason, we will notify you by email.